Web Site Suspended

The web site you're looking for is currently suspended. While we are the hosting company, we are not directly responsible for the content of the web site.

The Web site could be suspended for a number of reasons:

- The site owner is performing maintenance/updates and has intentionally suspended the site
- The web site has been compromised and has therefore been temporarily taken offline

If you are the site owner and don't expect this message, it could be because of the above reasons, or:

- The web site may have reached the limit of its package allowances
- You may not have paid your bills/invoices and your account has been suspended
- In exceptional circumstance, we may have received a court order requiring us to suspend the site

What to do next:

If you're a visitor to this web site, we suggest you either try again later or contact the site owner for more information/help.

If you're the owner of the site, you should contact our support team, and/or check your e-mail to see if we've contacted you (this may not be possible if your package suspension includes the e-mail facility).

Please note we do not and cannot discuss the nature of any web site or account suspension for any reason with anyone other than an authorised party. This includes general visitors, third party developers not registered with us and any media, press or other party. Please do not attempt to contact us as we will refuse to assist unauthorised parties for the protection of our customers.

For Customers, Technical Support can be reached on: 0845 003 8111, unless you have a Premium Support Agreement, where you may have alternative details (please refer to your Welcome Pack).


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