Student Grading

Students will complete the unit either by (1) submission of independantly set assignments over the course year with set start and submission for marking dates, or (2) by one 2.5 hour examination covering the four main topic areas over the whole year, where students have to answer 4 out of the 5 questions set on the paper, and complete a minimum of 3 within the allotted time.

Gradings are as follows;

51-75% Pass (equiv. 2:2 or 3rd)

76-91% Merit (equiv. 2:1 / 1:2 )

>92% Distinction (equiv. 1:1)

Any grade below 51% but greater than 40% shall be referred, re-sit/submission (improvement) and capped at Pass grade only (2nd attempt). Note, any grade lower than 39% is a fail. Such students that fail will be required to re-sit the course entirety the following/next course run. but cannot complete year 2 maths or science modules until year 1 modules are at a Pass minimum grade. Further grading or exceptional circumstance cases shall be at the discretion of the lecturer, head of department and college grading system.

If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try, try again.

- proverb by William Edward Hickson, ref. Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (3rd edition). Oxford University Press. 1979. p. 251.

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