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Mr. Peter M W O'Shea
Mechanical Engineer

I have always had a passion for Engineering, having studied during my mechanical 4 year advanced apprenticship at Westland Helicopters Ltd, Yeovil, for my BTEC National and Higher National, before then continuing my studies, part time, for my Masters degree in Engineering, at the University of the West of England, Bristol.
I spent time at Westlands working on the Sea King, Lynx, Gazelle and EH101 helicopters in various departments; Engineering Design/Drafting (traditional and CAD), Materials Laboratory (Metallics and Non-Metallics) and Advanced Composites (Blades lab), Transmissions, Repair and Overhaul (R&O), ECS and Power Systems, Fault Investigation and Customer Support, Supply Chain Management and EH101 Project Department.
At university, my MEng dissertation was on the longevity of aging aicraft structures based on Monte-Carlo simuluation techniques, using real-time data from laboratory fatigue study conducted in UWE Bristol Mechanical Test Labs, and risk-based inspection (RBI) techniques for use in the field.

I put this site together to aid an assist young apprentices and those Studying Engineering, as with my experiences, the classroom environment can sometime not offer exactly what a student is 'searching answers for' in their field of study. I personally have spent more time self study in the library in order to gain 'the answers', or by physical experience in the workshop, living-museums or visiting places of production. This site aims to bridge that gap.

I have a strong work ethic, passionate about my subject matter, and will help others on understanding fundamental principles through interactive learning.

I send a personal thank you to all my supporters (around the world, from the USA to Sydney, Australia) that have been happy to participate in this project.

Vehicle & type knowledge (over 20 years):
GKN-WHL Sea King / S-61;
BHC SRN.4/ Mk3;
Westland Lynx, Super Lynx, Wildcat (WG-13);
Westland 30;
Aérospatiale Gazelle (SA 341);
Aérospatiale Puma (SA 330);
GWHL Blackhawk (WS-70);
AgustaWestland EH101/AW101 Mks 1 (Navy), 3, 3A (Army), 2 and 4;
BR Class 43 HST and BR Mk3 rolling stock (cockpit and cabins);
ECC and OHE line infrastructure;
BR Class 313;
Siemens Class 717 (Class 313 replacement);
Hitachi Class 800;
Marine van veen grab and sediment sampler;
Various Mechanical Test Equipment (destructive, FTA and maintenance);
Advanced composites and GRP structures;
Concrete lineside (ex-Exmouth works) rail structures and equipment, fences, posts, stairwells and staircases, lift shafts;
Aerospace filters and filtration systems, CO2 scrubber and O2 recovery, disposable and non-disposable (re-useable) filters;

Eaton and Parker Hydraulic fixtures, fittings, products and processes.

"We live in unprecedented times".

From small to large, complex Engineering organisations demand the very best professionals. We recognise that we need to use all modern training tools, methods and techniques to provide this, and that a valuable part of the learning process are quality resources.
We value the contribution of our teaching staff, quality resource providers and sharing common ideas with other scholars of Engineering discipline by working with those who share our commitment to an honest, consistent and total quality approach through learning and education. These fundamentals underline our capability and commitment to succeed in this long term business as an education resource provider.

If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try, try again.

- proverb by William Edward Hickson, ref. Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (3rd edition). Oxford University Press. 1979. p. 251.

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